My First Day at Summer@Brown!

Wow. Today was quite interesting to say the least! I actually made friends the first day, which came as a surprise to me. The first friend I made was Anthony. His last name begins with a K and is like ten miles long. He actually came up to me and introduced himself. We went on the school tour together, he’s pretty cool. After the school tour, I went to the book store and got the one textbook I need for my class. It’s an autobiography/memoir thing by this woman who attended the Alpert Medical School at Brown University. It’s kind of boring, now, but I hope it gets more interesting. My mom, sister, and I went out for Indian food after the bookstore trip, to a little place on Thayer Street called Kabobs and Curry. It was absolutely AMAZING! I have leftovers, actually. I can’t wait to chow down on them. Once that was over, my family left and I got to experience college life to myself. I took myself and my textbook to the main green and read for a while. It wasn’t as much as reading as it was trying to get people to come introduce themselves, since I have absolutely no social skills. It worked after a while, I made a friend after about twenty minutes of sitting under a tree on the main green. Her name is Tina. She’s Chinese and lives in Georgia, which isn’t too far from me. We sat on the green and talked about anime and how we hated the stereotypical white girls that seemed to be flooding the campus, when my third new friend came over and introduced herself. Her name is Cristina, and she’s from Puerto Rico. I felt like Karen off Mean Girls for a little bit, because Cristina is pale as could be, blonde haired, and blue eyed. But she lives in Puerto Rico. Go figure, right? Well, we sat on the green for a while just talking and getting to know each other. At four o’clock, we were sent to the three-week class orientation. Of course, Cristina, Tina, and I sat together and giggled the entire time. Once that was over, we were all separated into our groups based on who our RA is. My RA is Jen, a blonde haired junior who decided to help with us summer students. She led us on a tour and we ended up in another green, not the main one. We formed a circle and we all told the group a little about ourselves, and then we played some icebreaker games. That’s where I made another friend, Allison. She’s Tina’s roommate, which they didn’t know at the time. We all decided to go to dinner together after the games. The food was nice, I appreciated most of it. After dinner, we had the both highly anticipated and highly dreaded ice cream social. At first, it was hella awkward. People had already formed in their cliques, and it was hard to intermingle in people who already had the friends they wanted. We ended up doing so after Cristina told us to live a little and make some friends. I decided she was right. I wasn’t going to make friends if I didn’t try. So that’s what I did. I walked up to this guy, who I now know as Huan, and told him that I loved his jacket. We talked and I brought Cristina and Tina over, and we were acquainted with his other friend, John. John was pretty cool, I talked to him more than I talked to Huan. Huan is tall and Indian, but light-skinned, wearing dark clothes and a tan jacket that was to die for. John is about my height, tan with brown hair and eyes. He’s from Tennessee, so we connected on our southern roots. We talked for about half an hour before John introduced us to one of his friends, Jack. Jack… wow. He’s a cutie. He’s blonde haired, blue eyed, broad shouldered, and has a pretty cool beard, for a beard’s sake. He and I hit it off, we and John talked for about another hour. In this time, John had asked about the drive up here from Gaffney and I told him I hadn’t slept well in days. Jack asked why not, and I told him about Rashaud’s funeral. He told me that I needed to put the fun in funeral. My eyes started to tear up and I told him that Rashaud wasn’t just another guy, but a very close friend to me. Jack looked at me and saw that I was about to cry, and he pulled me in his arms and said he was sorry about being a dick and that we should just hug it out. I stood there in his arms for a while, him rubbing my back until I stopped crying. When I finally pulled away, he kept his arm around my shoulder. Alas, all good things must come to an end. At nine, we had to go to our dorms for a mandatory floor meeting. Jack asked me if I wanted to meet up after on Thayer Street after the meeting to walk around and maybe get a drink. Before I could answer, a huge crowd of people split us up, and I never got to answer. I headed to get a water and then headed to my dorm. Our floor meeting was supposed to be on the second floor, the one we reside in. That, sadly, just didn’t work out. We had to go to the basement laundry room for our meeting. Our RAs wanted us to walk down the stairs to the basement, but I really didn’t feel like it, so I waited on the elevator. When I got on, Huan was there. I laughed, surprised to see him, and we descended down the floors. It turns out he had to go get his bag out of his room and go up to the fourth floor, where the boys were having their mandatory meeting. I, on the other hand, had to go to the basement. The elevator stopped on level one before it made way down to the basement. When we hit the first floor, a crowd of boys walked in, including Jack. I tried to play it cool, because that’s just what I figured would do best. He ran towards my corner and stood by me. He didn’t talk, he just looked at me. Someone asked why the button for the basement was pushed, and I said that’s where I was having my meeting. Right as I said that, the elevator door opened. I headed to walk out, but Jack stuck his hand out before I could go and demanded a fist bump before I made my way to the meeting. I wasn’t going to say no, so I did and headed to the laundry room. The meeting was boring and crowded. They fit a whole floor of girls into a tiny little laundry room. It was hell. After that, Tina and Allison decided they wanted to go to bed, but I got a message from Cristina that said she wanted to go out. I wasn’t tired, and I was totally excited that Cristina wanted to hang out with me, so I went. We walked around campus in the dark, enjoying the sweet silence of Providence in the night. We walked up and down Thayer Street until we found a little froyo place, where we both stuffed our faces with the sweet yogurt. We finally walked home about twenty before eleven, since that’s when our curfew is. We decided that we are going to meet up for coffee tomorrow morning before class. I’m pretty excited that I’ve made a friend that wants to hang out with me. Tina and Allison have each other, since they’re room mates. Once they found that out, they’ve been inseparable.I got back to my dorm, and my room mate, Ryan, wanted to head to bed. I went into the lounge to call my mom, since she wanted to hear how my day was going. Once I finished my call, I came back into my room, activated my Brown ID, and now I am here, typing this up for my own satisfaction. Well, I’m pretty excited to see what timorrow brings, being my first day of class. Wish me luck! 

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Exploring Chinatown/Little Italy

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Lafayette Street and Little Italy (by Michel Couprie)

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Little Italy.

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City Nights by GeorgiaBC on Flickr.

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in color by Kat Irlin

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New York City, 1947, photo by Fred Stein

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New York City - New York - USA (von Ruben Moreno Montoliu)


"From Bridge" 

Zeis Ikon Nettar, Ilford Delta 400

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